CRYOBANK24 offers Full-Service-Cryologistic-Systems.

CRYOBANK24 offers Full-Service-Cryologistic-Systems. We strictly rely on technology which has been tried-and-tested in practice over many years and provide all-round service for all blood and plasma preparations, cord blood, egg and sperm cells, adult stem cells as well as tissue samples. Our service applies to all temperatures from +4°C up to -185°C , each climatic region and each storage volume.

Success Factors of Crylogistics.


Quality = Technology

  • We store preparations and samples in closed cooling systems with automated loading and retrieval to provide highest operational and storage safety.
  • We minimize the air exchange with normal temperature or outside air in order to avoid the so-called glaciation effect. We know no necessity of defrosting, in order for the refrigeration temperature requirements to be constantly guaranteed.


Costs = Investment

  • We provide you with ready for operation turn-key-ready-systems according to your requirements on site. Previous in-house developed isolated applications will be replaced and standardized.
  • We offer transparent pay-per-use invoicing according to the quantity stored, or the purchase of the system inclusive of long-term service and reduction of own investments and improved calculability of internal process costs.


Time = Service

  • We work in compliance with recorded and controlled defined processes (standard operating procedures SOP) according to your right to issue instructions.
  • We follow work processes for optimal operation, which allow you a secure and reliable access.